Blessings on Our Boat

I could not bear for our family to leave Twin Dolphins Marina and head south on Happy Times without the protection of a Higher Power. Elizabeth Thompson, our senior minister at Unity Church of Sarasota,and her husband Neil Ware came aboard HT this afternoon to send us off with a heartfelt prayer.

Boat blessing

Rev. Elizabeth and her husband Neil bless Happy Times

Elizabeth said the following:

“Eternal Lord of Sky, Earth and Sea, You created the seas and the great waters of this good earth. We come here today to ask your blessings on this vessel Happy Times and her family Mike, Cheryl and Mikayla. May they find peaceful and joyful adventures as they sail toward other shores.

“Bless these sails, this hull fore and aft. May all that come aboard to cruise feel the Presence of Peace and Adventure upon the swells of the sea. Bless those who stand the High Watch to be awake to swells and currents of ocean and wind. May each day on this cruise be one of deep appreciation for the blessing of land, sea and air.

Happy Times is a sturdy vessel watched over by Guardian Celestial Presence and is protected now and always. May this family and their guests find joy and serenity in running before the winds of your warm Presence. As they regard the beauty of Your sunsets, we thank You for eyes to see. As we hear the sounds of the wind and the waves, may we thank You who gave us ears to hear. And as we embrace the invigorating air, may we thank You Sweet Spirit of Wind, Wave and Sea who gave us taste and smell to appreciate the good things in life.

“May we experience You in this ceremony today and each day that follows this wonderful voyage both home and abroad. Create and maintain in each one aboard a cheerfulness and a good ship’s spirit in all they do both ashore and afloat. We commend to Your gracious care this vessel known as Happy Times.

“May your blessing be on this good craft and all who sail in her. Bear her on with favorable winds and deliver her from harm upon the waters. Grant fair weather in all our voyages and always bring us safely to port. Now bless those labors and skills that have made this event possible. We pray in Your name. Amen.”


About Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Mom, first mate and writer aboard a 40' Manta catamaran, S/V Happy Times.
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