$1 Beer in St. Thomas

Bartender Serves Two Old MilwaukeesLaysha Powers comes from Gainesville, Georgia. Not that other one. She’s quite clear about her hometown as she sets a couple of Old Milwaukees in front of Kim Foster and me.

I can appreciate the distinction. When I tell folks I’m from Kansas City, they usually say, “Oh, you’re from Kansas. It’s so flat.” Nope. I’m from the other one.

Laysha runs the Sandy Pool Bar at Elysian Fields, a lovely property on Cowpet Bay, St. Thomas. It has served as our home away from Happy Times for the past week as friends have gathered here for a reunion.

Old Milwaukee Beer became the house favorite when guests from France left some behind with Laysha. She priced it at a buck per can and since then she sells a case or two per day.

From now on, I won’t hesitate to share cheap beer with mes amies francaises.


About Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Mom, first mate and writer aboard a 40' Manta catamaran, S/V Happy Times.
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2 Responses to $1 Beer in St. Thomas

  1. Dan Senko says:

    Back in the college days, my fraternity drank more Old Milwaukee (not to be confused with johnny-come-lately Milwaukee’s Best) than any other beer hands down. Not even close. It helped that it was one of the cheapest that the distributor carried in stock. Get this .. $19 a keg (aka half barrel back then). Iron City was $20 and Schlitz Malt Liquor $25 (yes, we would slip in a keg or two of The Bull every Friday when the young ladies weren’t paying attention). Why do I remember the prices (my fraternity brothers don’t have such a clear memory after all these years) … I was treasurer for 2 years!

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