A Sanitized Pirate

Mike & cousin Jeff Locke at PB 2004

Imagine, if you will, Jack Sparrow without his facial hair and his beloved hat. Picture him instead with a face scrubbed clean and wearing a proper ruffled shirt with nary a stain. That’s the difference between the old Pirates Bight Beach Bar and the new one.

Mike at PB 2007

A perfectly good watering hole has been ruined. In its former blowzy condition, the Pirates Bar was a cross between a sports bar and a beach bar. Colorful T-shirts and flags from around the world hung from the ceiling and patrons scrawled their names on the wooden beams. Cigar smoke wafted in from the small patio and mixed with the smell of fresh-cooked French fries. The scruff behind the bar wore his tattoos like a siren song, urging a fix on his forearms and biceps, and he swiveled his iPod around to exactly the song you wanted to hear while raising a rum punch to your lips. Then he’d set a cold longneck on the floor behind the bar, hand you a fishing pole with a ring on it and dare you to pick up the beer and set it on the bar in one motion. If you did, it was yours. Free.

The current incarnation of the Pirates Bar is clean and sanitized. The walls and ceiling have been stripped of their decoration and their character. Bright yellow smiley-face paint greets patrons from the beach which also has been scrubbed. There are no cigarette butts, no bottle caps, no children screaming at the waves lapping at their feet. A groomed young man wearing a collared shirt now tends the beer and drinks.

The Pirates Bar has gone Buckhead.


About Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Mom, first mate and writer aboard a 40' Manta catamaran, S/V Happy Times.
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One Response to A Sanitized Pirate

  1. Ruth York says:

    Well, life sounds awesome – even if you did recently encountered Buckhead in the Caribbean. We thoroughly enjoy hearing about your adventures while our life remains land-based, and definitely adventurous, but not at all in similar ways! It is very fun to know where you are and hear what you are up to! We are happily trying to guide our kids through challenging years while grabbing the most for our 50 year old selves as we go. Truth be told, sometimes we are freaking out more than ‘happily guiding’, but we always restore our calm and optimism, and feel blessed to be on a unique parenting journey that requires constant vigilance on our part, for sure! I love that you teen is experiencing such a wonderful family adventure at a time when so many of her peers are pulling away from their parents, trying to establish their independence. I am certain Mikayla (sp?) will have a special balance of independence and family connection that will serve her so well over time. What a gift! Happy travels! While we are land-bound, and US-bound for that matter, we live vicariously through your adventures. It is nice to delight in your experiences versus feel denied in any way! Enjoy!

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