Happy Times Gets New Trampolines

Back to the boat, back to boat projects.

Mikayla and I returned to Grenada with new trampolines manufactured by Sunrise Yacht Products of Pinellas Park, FL, just outside St. Petersburg. They’re white, webbed and heavy-duty, sure to last a good 10 years or so on Happy Times.

Our first task required removing the old trampolines. We had secured these through Adam Feldstein, a Manta owner and member of Mantatech, a Yahoo group for Manta owners. When the company went bankrupt, Adam wisely snapped up some of their remaining inventory.

His tramps got us through the first eight months of our voyage. About three months ago, Mike noticed that these trampolines, originally designed for power cats, were starting to tear apart where the net meets the edging material. They would not last long in this condition and in this environment.

I placed the order with Richard Leng, CEO of Sunrise, in early July, and the new trampolines were finished a few weeks later. They’re made of 1” single-ply polyester webbing with an average of 1” to 1-1/2” spacing. They have a 1-1/2” vinyl grommet border. Following production, the trampolines were dipped and re-dipped in an acrylic bath to reinforce the webbing, up to 1,800 pounds per square inch.

We referred to Sunrise’s website and chose the perpendicular lacing pattern that’s recommended for the grommet border. The lines that came with the package were much easier to weave through the sliding attachments than the lines we had used previously as they were a bit smaller in diameter. With all three of us working on the project, we quickly installed the new trampolines. As we completed the final side, Belle stepped comfortably onto the webbing, and we knew we had purchased the correct size for her comfort and safety.

As for the old trampolines, they’ve found new life as shades on the stern of Happy Times.

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About Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Mom, first mate and writer aboard a 40' Manta catamaran, S/V Happy Times.
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