It’s Cricket Time!

Even after playing our first game of cricket, it remains an enigma. In what other sport do you swing a bat as well as bowl, attempt to knock over a wicket and score three to six points on a single hit? What other game lasts up to five days at a stretch?

Mike, Mikayla and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to play with our friends Matt and Karen on Where II. It’s always fun when the Aussies are around.

Matt explained that the cruisers play during every hurricane season. The games are held about every other week to accommodate the rigorous hashing schedule currently underway. The pitch lies on a playing field overlooking beautiful Clark’s Court Bay. A number of cruisers had already gathered when we arrived and sorted themselves out into two teams.

Two plastic beer cases, separated by 22 yards, served as wickets. Three empty bottles of Stag beer sat atop each one.

The team that earns the most number of points wins the game. It seems logical that making hits is the most direct way to earn points. It isn’t. The batter, or striker, in fact, does not stand in front of the wicket to hit the ball, but to protect the wicket. Any time the wicket is struck and the bottles topple over, the striker is out.

The striker’s second role is batting. Hits score three to six points depending on where they land and how much beer the umpire has consumed.

Mike is very proud of his turn at bat, leading our team to 20 hits. Matt? A fat zero and a disgrace to his homeland and The Don.

As for me, the highlight of the day was the streaker who ran across the pitch, knocked over the beer bottles and ran out of sight. Hmmm, maybe this cricket isn’t such a bad game after all.

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About Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Mom, first mate and writer aboard a 40' Manta catamaran, S/V Happy Times.
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