A Flotilla of Friends

Our friends on Tsamaya took this photo enroute to Mayaguana, Bahamas.

Tsamaya. Snowbird. Unicorn. Zero to Cruising. These have been our sailing companions since February as we have made our way from Florida down the island chain of the eastern Caribbean to Grenada. We have never traveled together as a group, yet I think of us as one. Our five vessels have continually headed south, ever mindful of hurricane season and our urgent need to put more miles behind us and reach the relative safety of 12 degrees north.

My husband Mike, my daughter Mikayla and I first met Snowbird and Unicorn in the Bahamas, when they stepped aboard our catamaran, Happy Times. Snowbird’s Johanna and Martin beamed about their passage through the turquoise waters. Hakan and Anna-Karin, who have been sailing Unicorn for six years, described their adventures as they traveled along Suriname’s coast and attended a tribal wedding.

We met Janice and Bob of Tsamaya in George Town. Janice offered a reassuring voice in the night via VHF radio as together we crossed the Mayaguana Passage and shared our locations.

In French Cay, a remote bird sanctuary, we dined with Mike and Rebecca of Zero to Cruising. They led our departure from South Caicos through pounding sea and wisely detoured to a more comfortable crossing.

Over the ensuing months, we shared birthdays and anniversaries, weather reports, local knowledge, and numerous sundowners, the traditional cocktail party of the cruising community. We survived squalls, 30-knot winds and eight-foot seas, overnight passages, and boat repairs.

Most of all, we shared a friendship that lasted close to 4000 nautical miles and seven months.

I didn’t expect such companionship would exist or even last when my family began our adventure. Yet I have learned that when sailors throw off their bowlines, as Mark Twain suggests, they tie them to one another.


About Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Mom, first mate and writer aboard a 40' Manta catamaran, S/V Happy Times.
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8 Responses to A Flotilla of Friends

  1. Seasweetie says:

    How lovely. You are living one of my dreams, Cheryl. I am delighted for you.

  2. It’s an honor to mentioned as one of the boats in the “Flotilla of Friends.
    We will return to Trinidad tomorrow, and will be in Grenada in about three weeks time. Hope to see you there.
    Anna and Hakan

  3. Mike Lezovich says:

    The story warms my heart. Cheryl, you do such a great job writing.

  4. Janice & Bob Waller says:

    We are honored to be one of the ones mentioned in this flotilla of friends. We feel the same about you as well As we have said many times the friends that we have made are what makes the cruising lifestyle a wonderful one. We become close quickly and it is always a great feeling to know others that are out there with us always eager to lend a hand, organize a hike, share ideas, tools, jokes and of course enjoy sundowners with. Thanks again – as always you are doing a great job with recording your thoughts.

  5. Debra says:

    I love following your posts. Brings on a deluge of emotions.

  6. I wrote this post back in July and entered it into Real Simple Magazine’s first blog-writing contest. The assignment was to write about the person you’re most surprised to be friends with. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the contest, but it gave me a great opportunity to reflect on the wonderful friends we made on our way to Grenada, such as you and Bob. I finally was free to post this entry in October.

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