Thanksgiving in the Tropics

Thanksgiving in Los Roques resembled Thanksgiving back in the USA, only a few thousand miles distant. We had a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a huge meal with turkey and all the fixings and a big game.

There were a few, other differences. Since our arrival here, Miles Hufford, s/v Eclipse, has entertained us every morning with his rendition of the Cruisers Net held Monday through Saturday in Grenada on VHF Channel 68. He’s introduced the weather and allowed time for local businesses to offer their goods and services. He’s also covered Treasures of the Bilge, a segment of the Grenada broadcast when local cruisers may call in and dispose of unwanted items from their boats.

This morning Miles was knee-deep in algebra, so Mike and I took over the net, much to the embarrassment of our dear daughter Mikayla who begged us to stop. Mike introduced NBC’s coverage of the 85th Anniversary of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with yours truly impersonating a very Southern Deborah Norville of Dalton, Georgia. (We apologize if she no longer works for NBC.)

I briefly described the excitement on the street in New York City as the crowd awaited “the big man.” I introduced the Kennesaw Marching Tigers, a fictitious high school marching band. Since our broadcast was not required to pause for commercials, I moved right along to Al Roker, i.e., Mike, who described the weather on Fifth Avenue.

Then I played “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” After a few bars, we moved on to Santa Claus, a.k.a. Mike Lezovich. In his best voice, he boomed a “Merry Christmas” to our small band of listeners.

When her torture ended, Mikayla turned on the Christmas music for all-day play. It was not the first time this year that we had heard it. Even before Halloween arrived, the stores in Grenada had begun playing holiday music, just as the retailers do in the USA.

Shortly afterward we moved our boats to Elbert Cay and Becquevé, a combined islet within spitting distance of Cayo de Agua. Capt. Geoff, s/v Eclipse, thought its reefs would offer better protection and it did. There was much less rolling, and we were able to raft up our boats.

Michelle and I spent most of the morning and early afternoon in our respective galleys. By 4 p.m. we were ready to sit down to a traditional Thanksgiving spread:

Two roasted turkey breasts ● Stuffing ● Green bean casserole ● Wild rice

● Cranberry sauce ● Dinner rolls ● Sweet potatoes ● Mashed potatoes

● Gravy ● Pecan pie ● Pumpkin pie

We gorged ourselves with the same gusto as every other Thanksgiving dinner. After two rounds, we petered out and bemoaned our full tummies.

On Thanksgiving night our big game was Liars’ Dice. It didn’t have quite the same excitement as the Lions vs. the Packers (Who won anyway?), but it stalled post-turkey drowsiness.

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About Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Mom, first mate and writer aboard a 40' Manta catamaran, S/V Happy Times.
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2 Responses to Thanksgiving in the Tropics

  1. Barbara Hart says:

    Love hearing about your travels away from Grenada — missing you all. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving — I don’t feel sorry for Mikayla at all. A parent’s job is to embarrass his or her teens on at least a weekly basis.

    Hugs to all!

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