Man Overboard!, Part 2

My black eye is even prettier than I imagined. My left eye is about the size of a marble and surrounded by a grape-colored bruise that crosses the nose of my bridge and goes under my right eye. My lips are swollen to a lusty plumpness never seen in real life. They’re black and blue, too, as I must have bit my lips as I tumbled over the lifelines. My nose remains swollen despite multiple ice packs, and the nostrils are wider than ever. All in all, I think I resemble Miss Piggy after a long, hard night with Kermit.

I slept poorly last night. I didn’t count on that. I figured I’d be out like a rock. Instead I tossed and turned and tossed some more. I finally took a mild sleeping pill around 4 o’clock and awoke at 9:30 a.m.

Mikayla and her dad were playing cribbage when I crawled out of bed. As we held a brief postmortem, we decided that we performed the man overboard (MOB) drill rather well. I was in the water only 10 minutes. Mikayla responded quickly, immediately throwing the Lifesling into the water. She could have used more items to throw, such as cushions. Most of the ones in the cockpit don’t float.

Obviously, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I should have waited for Mike to secure the jib sheet before moving forward. The boat was moving too fast for him to get the sails secure, because he’d just pointed the boat into the wind. The sails were flapping as the engines moved Happy Times forward.

I would have benefited from a lifejacket, but it was a short, easy sail from the East Holandes Cays under light conditions. It didn’t seem necessary at the time.

A Facebook group that I belong to, Women Who Sail, recently discussed the MOB drill and many women participated. I can’t wait to get online again and tell my friend Carrie Butler, s/v Sanctuary, how the subject she initiated turned out in real life. No photos though. I’m not ready to show this purple mug to anyone.


About Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Mom, first mate and writer aboard a 40' Manta catamaran, S/V Happy Times.
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