Where the Hell Are We?

The middle of nowhere.
©2012 Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

My sister Sharon receives an email from a Satellite Personal Tracker (SPOT) indicating our current location every time we hit the button and the satellite picks up our global positioning. Sometimes the map that pops up on the website shows that s/v Happy Times is in the middle of nowhere. I know what she’s thinking. “Where the hell are they?”

This is one of those places.

The Media Luna reefs are a group of tiny cays and submerged reefs off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Media Luna itself is a barren rock on the southwest corner of the archipelago. Our exact position is 15°08.652N, 82°42.429.

We stopped here because it’s a midway point to Cayo Vivorillos. There are no other boats here. No trash. No street lights. Hell, there’s not even an island, just a reef inside an aqua blue aquarium.

This is the third most remote place we’ve ever been. Ranked solely on the chronology of our experience, the first most remote location was French Cay in the Turks and Caicos. Even then we shared the anchorage with another boat, s/v Zero to Cruising, and our friends Rebecca and Mike Sweeney. We shared cocktails at sundown and a meal of grilled barracuda that I had caught earlier in the day.

The second most remote spot was Dos Mosquisos in Los Roques, Venezuela’s Out Islands. We shared that far-flung setting with our friends the Huffords on s/v Eclipse. Among our travels, it’s one of my favorite experiences. It seemed so…out there.

There’s no one here but the three of us and Belle. It’s kind of spooky. We can look out to the horizon in all directions and see nothing but water, sky, clouds and a couple of islets.

Media Luna is so far removed that Mike and I cleaned the boat in our birthday suits without embarrassing Mikayla. She was beyond the range of our middle-aged bulges and wrinkles while exploring the reef on our kayak. Happily, SPOT doesn’t transmit images.


About Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Mom, first mate and writer aboard a 40' Manta catamaran, S/V Happy Times.
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3 Responses to Where the Hell Are We?

  1. JH says:

    I have enjoyed reading your posts and learning all about your adventures. I am really curious though as to how you are sending them so frequently. What are you using for internet?

    • Your question strikes me as comical, because I don’t think my posting rate has been frequent at all. When we were in the San Blas Islands, Panama, I was lucky to post one entry per month. We arrived in the Rio Dulce on 5/17, and now we’re using a Tigo modem stick from the boat. The marina gave us the stick and a month’s free usage which Mikayla and I blew through on video downloaads and video Skyping. No more of that! I’ve learned that it’s possible to post via SailMail, but I haven’t looked into how that works. I’m kind of picky about how my daily blogs look. I especially want to post them with photos, and I don’t think I can use SailMail with photos; too much bandwidth.

      I’m sure it was sad for you to leave Killbear. Have you begun heading east/south? Is this JH or Sharon, by the way?

      • Jane says:

        Thanks for the information about posting and getting the internet. (This is Jane, by the way – JH). We are starting our trip at the end of June – I still work and will retire in two years, so we are taking our boat from Parry Sound down to Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and hoping to leave it in Quebec City over the winter. Next year we will leave from Quebec City and head to the east coast – most likely PEI and leave the boat there for the winter. Then….I finally retire (I do need that pension!) and we will bring the boat down south. This is why I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog – lots of good information and inspiring too!

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