The Heart of Rio Dulce

The hotspot of the Rio Dulce.
©2012 Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Happy Times and Eclipse split up at Texan Bay for a few days. Geoff, Michelle, Miles and Jerome plan to explore Rio Dulce, the river, further. Mike, Mikayla and I are ready to reach Mario’s Marina north of Rio Dulce, Guatemala, the town, and settle in for hurricane season.

Everyone who has crossed our path seems to be headed to Mario’s. It’s a popular spot for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s economical. It offers Med moorings for $300 per month and side ties for $275 per month. It’s the electricity that’ll catch the unwary. It costs 47 cents per kilowatt.

Secondly, Mario’s has its own generator. The entire town of Rio Dulce may shut down due to a power outage; not Mario’s. The lights keep burning until the restaurant shuts down for the night.

Our favorite spot every afternoon.
©2012 Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Cayuca Club, the marina’s eatery, offers good specials for lunch and dinner. The pork chop resembles a steak on that particular special, and it comes with two sides for Q45, less than $6US. A taco bar heats up Wednesday nights at Q35, or slightly more than $4US. Beers come at a buck apiece during Happy Hour. At the end of our first week at Mario’s, the Lezovi consumed a dozen beers, three lemonades, four rum drinks, one lunch and two dinner specials for less than $50US. Affordable food is one reason why many cruisers prefer Mario’s.

Next, there’s the crew. Marco, the general manager, is an amiable fellow who manages to please all the picky cruisers. He moves boats around with ease, responds quickly to requests and dodges territorial issues. He plays a decent game of volleyball, too, along with his wife Myrna.

I pull Happy Times up to one of the docks at 1:30 p.m. and do a great job of docking. The Lezovi have arrived at our home for the next, few months.


About Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Mom, first mate and writer aboard a 40' Manta catamaran, S/V Happy Times.
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