Slogging Through Honduras

Mikayla tries to stay cool on the bus.
©2012 Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

No matter where the crew of Happy Times has traveled in Central America—Guatemala, Honduras, Panama—we must set aside an entire day to reach our destination. From Portobelo to Panama City, Rio Dulce to Lake Atitlan, it takes a lengthy ride on a bus, usually five hours, to arrive. So it went on our trip to the ruins of Copán, Honduras. Mikayla and I left at 9 a.m. with Susie and John of Cabaret and Kathy and Dan Chevalier of Sea Star while Mike stayed behind on the Rio Dulce to care for Belle.

A different twist on the chicken bus.
©2012 Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

The Letigua bus line usually offers air conditioned buses, but today’s vehicle was only a notch or two above a chicken bus. Indeed one young mother aboard had four chickens tucked away in a box checkered with ventilation holes. She also had two other fowl that looked like turkeys. The only breeze came through the open windows, lulling most passengers into fitful naps.

We arrive safely, happily.
©2012 Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

The bus wound through the Monkey Mountains of eastern Guatemala and the western mountains of Honduras. Near the border between the two countries, the bus stopped at a few surprisingly large towns whose streets were lined with vendors selling the typical mix of fresh fruits and vegetables. By the time we reached the border crossing, only nine passengers remained to walk across.


About Cheryl Crockett Lezovich

Mom, first mate and writer aboard a 40' Manta catamaran, S/V Happy Times.
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