Land Cruises

We moved onto our Manta catamaran in July 2010.

We moved onto our Manta catamaran in July 2010.

December 2012 marks a new chapter in the Lezovich family’s travel adventures. For the past two years we’ve sailed through the Caribbean on our 40’ Manta catamaran, Happy Times. Now we’re traveling through Europe for six months by train, plane and sometimes car.

One thread unites our passages. We’re house-sitting and pet-sitting for homeowners taking a holiday. We have assignments in Belgium, England and France which we located through a website called Trusted Housesitters.

Why didn’t we sail to Europe? We decided that we really want to travel inland, so we can visit historical and cultural sites that will expand our daughter Mikayla’s view of the world. Sailing Happy Times across the Atlantic Ocean only to dock at a marina at considerable expense didn’t make sense.

Mike and I also came to an important realization about ourselves as we discussed and processed our plans: We’re travelers first, sailors second.

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